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Explore the mountains and forests of Laos on one to three day trek or longer, and visit remote ethnic villages, journey to hidden waterfalls and caves, bird watching and other wildlifeand investigate ruins of ancient civilizations. The trekking programs are mostly operated by provincial guide services and the villagers with the guide training..... 
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Some of the most extensive limestone cave systems in Asia can be found in Laos. One of the most spectacular is the Konglor Cave in central Laos' Khammouane Province. There is a river flowing all the way through this huge 7.5 km long cave and you can ride a small boat through it. The limestone forest in Khammouane has the highest.....
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There is an organized climbing tour in Vang Vieng (Vientiane Province) and Luang Prabang, Climbing is a new activity in Laos. So far, the only officially opened areas for climbing are in Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. With the spectacular limestone landscape in Vang Vieng, north of Vientiane, climbers can access the crags free of.....
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A great, eco-friendly way to get around Lao is by bicycle. With a population of only about 6 million people, Laos has less traffic outside the main cities and biking around the country's green hills is gaining popularity. If you plan on a longer trip, it is best to bring your own bike. For shorter trips, you can hire mid-range mountain bikes..... 
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Organized tent camping is available in Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area through major tour operators in Vang Vieng (Vientiane Province), If you are interested in staying in a simple bamboo forest camp, try the Nam Ha Forest Camp in Luang Namtha's Nam Ha National Protected Area. There is also combination of rafting and.....  
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The naturally beautiful Vientiane Province offers visitors the chance to kayak in the number of rivers that flow through its lands. Kayaking allows you to move off the beaten path and to see the natural beauty that Laos has to offer. If you are looking to take a break from the social side of traveling through Laos and undertake an.....
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